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ACA Certificate Module 1: Foundations of IA Communication (ACA01eng)

Communication skills count among the top future competences of internal auditors. The World Economic Forum has ranked communication as second most important future skill for jobs in the areas of data and artificial intelligence (World Economic Forum: The Future of Jobs Report, 10/2020:38). This course provides an overview of the importance of communication for internal auditing (IA). This course is divided into five parts which show...

... the components of the IA communication model,
... how the different communication channels can be used in IA daily life,
... which new technologies can be applied in IA communication,
... psychological mechanisms of motivation and volition (the competence to implement), and
... the central role of trust into IA, and how IA can build up solid trust.

The course does not require previous experience or specific professional knowledge. It is well suited as foundation for improvement measures of IA communication.This course is the first module of the certification program »Approved Communicative Auditor (ACA)«.

9 CPE hours. Required time 455 minutes, social learning with 5 tasks (discussion or reflection) and a transfer of knowledge into daily professional life, 5 tests with a total of 35 questions, 29'000 words, 193 minutes of video presentations, 193 minutes of podcast.

CPE: 9

  • Welcome
  • ACA01.0I Coaching and Tips
  • ACA01.001 Social Learning: Why I am interested in IA communication (ACA01e)
  • ACA01.0O Learning Objectives and Knowledge Management
  • ACA01.0Q Quintessence and Overview
  • Part 1: IA Communication Model
  • ACA01.1OV Video Introduction IA Communication Model
  • ACA01.1O Learning Objectives and Overview Course Part 1
  • ACA01.101V Video IA Communication Model
  • ACA01.101 IA Communication Model ACM-ACA
  • ACA01.102V Video IA Channel Cube
  • ACA01.102 IA Channel Cube and Channel Usage
  • ACA01.103 Social Learning: Advantages/disadvantages of IA communication channels
  • ACA01.104 Future Added Value Through IA Communication
  • ACA01.105V Video IA Communication of the Future
  • ACA01.105 IA Communication of the Future
  • ACA01.106 Test IA Communication Model
  • ACA01.1Q Quintessence IA Communication Model
  • ACA01.1L References and Sources Course Part 1
  • Part 2: Communicating in daily IA life
  • ACA01.2OV Video Introduction Communication in Daily IA Life
  • ACA01.2O Learning Objectives and Overview Course Part 2
  • ACA01.201V Video Communication in IA Planning
  • ACA01.201 Communication in IA Planning
  • ACA01.202V Video Communication in the Audit Execution
  • ACA01.202 Communication in Audit Execution
  • ACA01.203V Video Communication in the Consultation Process
  • ACA01.203 Communication in the Consultation Process
  • ACA01.204V Video Communication in IA Reporting
  • ACA01.204 Communication in IA Reporting
  • ACA01.205V Video Communication in an Agile Setting
  • ACA01.205 Communication in an Agile Setting
  • ACA01.206 Social Learning: Success and challenges of IA communication
  • ACA01.207 Test Communication in Daily IA Life
  • ACA01.2Q Quintessence Communication in Daily IA Life
  • ACA01.2L References and Sources Course Part 2
  • Part 3: Technologies
  • ACA01.3OV Video Introduction Technologies
  • ACA01.3O Learning Objectives and Overview Course Part 3
  • ACA01.301V Video History of Technology
  • ACA01.301 History of Technology
  • ACA01.302V Video Importance of Technology
  • ACA01.302 Importance of Technology
  • ACA01.303V Video IA Workplace of the Future
  • ACA01.303 IA Workplace of the Future
  • ACA01.304V Video Current IA Communication Technology
  • ACA01.304 Current IA Communication Technology
  • ACA01.305V Video IA Video Production
  • ACA01.305 Video Production
  • ACA01.306 Social Learning: Discussion of IA video production
  • ACA01.307V Video Algorithms and Chatbots
  • ACA01.307 Algorithms and Chatbots
  • ACA01.308V Video Social Media
  • ACA01.308 Social Media
  • ACA01.309 Test Technologies
  • ACA01.3Q Quintessence Technology
  • ACA01.3L References and Sources Course Part 3
  • Part 4: Motivation
  • ACA01.4OV Video Introduction Motivation
  • ACA01.4O Learning Objectives and Overview Course Part 4
  • ACA01.401V Video History of Motivation
  • ACA01.401 Geschichtlicher Hintergrund
  • ACA01.402V Video Scientific Management
  • ACA01.402 Scientific Management
  • ACA01.403V Video Psychotechnology and Human Relations
  • ACA01.403 Psychotechnology and Human Relations
  • ACA01.404V Video Driven Motivation
  • ACA01.404 Driven Motivation
  • ACA01.405V Video Positive Theory of Motivation
  • ACA01.405 Positive Theory of Motivation
  • ACA01.406V Video Motivation Theories X, Y, Z
  • ACA01.406 Theories X, Y, Z of Motivation (McGregor)
  • ACA01.407V Video Motivators & Hygiene Factors
  • ACA01.407 Motivators & Hygiene Factors
  • ACA01.408V Video Job Characteristics Model
  • ACA01.408 Job Characteristics Model
  • ACA01.409V Video Groups of Motives
  • ACA01.409 Groups of Motives
  • ACA01.410V Video From the Source of Motivation to Implementation
  • ACA01.410 From the Source of Motivation to Implementation
  • ACA01.411V Video Implementation Competence
  • ACA01.411 Implementation Competence
  • ACA01.412V Video From Acting to Performance
  • ACA01.412 Vom Handeln zur Leistung
  • ACA01.413V Video ACA Motivation Model
  • ACA01.413 ACA Motivation Model
  • ACA01.414 Social Learning: Motivation in the focus of IA
  • ACA01.415V Video Special Cases of Motivation
  • ACA01.415 Special Cases of Motivation
  • ACA01.416 Test Motivation
  • ACA01.4Q Quintessence Motivation
  • ACA01.4L References and Sources Course Part 4
  • Part 5: Trust
  • ACA01.5OV Video Introduction Trust
  • ACA01.5O Learning Objectives and Overview Course Part 5
  • ACA01.501V Video Foundations of Trust
  • ACA01.501 Foundations of Trust
  • ACA01.502V Video Building Trust
  • ACA01.502 Building Trust
  • ACA01.503V Video Trust in an Agile Setting
  • ACA01.503 Trust in an Agile Setting
  • ACA01.504V Video IA Trust Model
  • ACA01.504 IA Trust Model
  • ACA01.505 Social Learning: Trust in IA
  • ACA01.506 Test Trust
  • ACA01.5Q Quintessence Trust
  • ACA01.5L References and Sources Course Part 5
  • Outlook
  • ACA01.F1 After the course is before the course
  • ACA01.F2 Quality Survey ACA01
  • ACA01.F3 Bonus Material
  • ACA01.F4 End of the Course
  • Alle Themen müssen abgeschlossen werden
  • Sie erhalten ein Zertifikat mit der Dauer: 1 Jahr